Yoga Joes
  • Yoga Joes

    This troop's mission? To keep inner peace. Designer Dan Abramson looked to a favorite childhood toy to help inspire grown-ups to get into yoga. Armed with a general knowledge of the practice, this platoon of posing servicemen show off their secret weapon: major strength and flexibility. Give the battalion to the disciplined yogi or well-balanced lieutenant in your life, or keep them in your barracks as a reminder to soldier on through your basic (yoga) training. Packaged in a "mini yoga studio" box with a bamboo floor. Made of ABS plastic in China.

    Poses include:
    Meditation Pose
    Cobra Pose
    Warrior One
    Warrior Two
    Child's Pose
    Tree Pose
    Crow Pose
    Downward-facing Dog




    ABS plastic, bamboo, PBT plastic


    10" L x 3.1" W x 3.1" H