Sweet Nothings & Pillow Talk
  • Sweet Nothings & Pillow Talk

    Sweet Nothings And Pillow Talk

    Need some help in improving your pillow talk or expressing your feeling to your partner? This book might just be your new best friend then! The Sweet Nothings and Pillow Talk book helps anyone improve their vocabulary and language choice when it comes to talking about love to your lover. Use the tips inside this book on dates, online or in bed! There are cute ways to say I love you, tips on how to seduce and amuse your partner with witty and cute lines.

    The book has 112 pages and is pocket sized so you can take it wherever you go for some quick tips and confidence on the go whether you're preparing for a date or just want to impress your wife with your new love lingo.


    • 112 pages
    • Hardback
    • Cute and different ways to say I love you


    14.50cm (L) x 9.00cm (W) x 1.00cm (D)