Deluxe Rainbow Easter Basket
  • Deluxe Rainbow Easter Basket

    Deluxe basket filled with all kinds of fun goodies!


    -Jellycat Bashful Cow


    -Candy Science Kit

    Turn your kitchen into a candy laboratory! Use the powders and molds in the kit to make 36 colorful jelly beans in 4 sweet flavors. Then, follow instructions using ingredients from home to make jellybean, marshmallows, lollipops, fudge, and more! Learn the science behind the sweet, stretchy, sticky stuff that makes up the candies you love while experimenting and putting your own twists on classic treats!


    -Rainbow bag


    Playful cosmetic bag in a vibrant rainbow design of glitter and sequins, finished with a pom-pom zipper pull.


    -Easter Candy tied with a ribbon


    -Bunny Candies


    -Choose Happy rainbow eraser


    -Trivia game


    -Special edition Carrot Surprise Cone contains 6 prizes tucked inside layers of crepe ribbons. Items include a sweet, riddle or joke, vintage-style toy, fortune, & bunny temporary tattoo. Prizes Vary.


    *Shipping does not include basket but it will be wrapped in a happy bag with tissue and ribbon

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