Deluxe Lego Puzzle Basket
  • Deluxe Lego Puzzle Basket

    Surprise him with this fun deluxe basket!


    -Lego Puzzle

    This jigsaw puzzle is a whole new way to build with LEGO® bricks! A surprising take on the ordinary, the puzzle pieces come together to reveal colorful cans of paint...with a LEGO twist. This delightful 1000-piece puzzle will challenge your skills...


    -Solar system erasers


    -Do one thing everyday that make you inspired book


    -Suprise ball filled with 4+ toys inside


    -Easter candy wrapped in a ribbon


    -Surf scented therapy dough

    great sensory for all ages


    -Hand painted tin Easter egg filled with chocolate


    -Amusable Jellycat Egg


    -Fidget Spinner (designs vary)


    -Sunnyseeds Carrot Delectable chocolate-covered sunflower seeds nest within these little carrots, making for a thoughtful gift or tasty treat! .


    **Shipping does not include basket but it will be wrapped in a happy bag with tissue and ribbon



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